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Secondary Packaging

Leading Importer and Supplier from Nashik, our product range includes Secondary Packaging Equipments such as Battery Operated Packing Tools, Stretch Wrapping Film, PP Strap, PET Strap, Steel Strap, Pneumatics Packaging Tools and many more items.

Battery Operated Packing Tools


  • Motorised, tensioning and sealing system for PP polypropylene and PET polyester
  • Strap 12-13, 15-16 mm for general purpose applications
  • Latest motor and battery technology

Stretch Wrapping Film


  • We have a complete range of stretch film for automated
  • Wrapping of products. Stretch film for hand wrapping features high
  • Stretch and cling characteristics.
  • Stretch film is available in thicknesses from 7 to 23 ┬Ám.

PP Strap


  • PP-Strap is also offered with additional features like UV resistance or individual colour.
  • Low camber and stringent quality control will ensure reliable securing of your products.
  • PP-Strap is available in widths of 5-16 mm, in thicknesses from 0.35 up to 0.9 mm.

PET Strap


  • PET Strap cannot be affected by corrosion or rust and is therefore the ideal material to replace steel strap.
  • PET-Strap is available in widths of 10-19 mm, in thicknesses from 0.53 up to 1.27 mm.

Steel Strap

  • A complete range of steel strap for strapping of products.
  • Whether you are using hand-tools or fully automatic strapping machines, Strapex steel strap
  • Is excellent for securing, protecting and presenting your products.

Availability of standard and high tensile steel strap quality.

Steel strapping are produced with following waxed finishes:

  • Blue-annealed
  • Black-painted
  • Zinc-painted

Pneumatics Packaging Tools

For round and small packages: Pneumatic tools for stationary/mobile applications

Floor Marking Tape