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Lubricating waxes

The "Louch-Dry" lubricating film of waxes provides good lubrication and rust protection while ensuring clean and simple work processes. This is particularly beneficial for the fully automatic assembly of mass-prodcued parts.

Lubricating waxes for general applications:

Lubricating waxes have proven their worth particularly on small parts subject to boundary or mixed friction regimes. They facilitate press-in operations of bolts and bushes, prevent squeaky hinges, protect ropes against corrosion and ensure smooth sliding and operation of wax-lubricated friction partners.

Chain waxes:

Wax lubrication is recommended for chains in dusty or dirty environments or chains subject to lint, humidity or water. The was is applied to the chain by warm immersion; the component is long-term or even lifetime-lubricated after drying or cooling.

Lubricating wax emulsions:

Lubricating wax emulsions used in mass-coating processes allow for quicker and more efficient porcessing and fastening of self-tapping screws with low friction and press-fit of bolts, pins and rivets.