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Lubricating Pastes

Lubricating pastes reduce or prevent tribo-corrosion (frictional oxidation), stick-slip and adhesive wear (seizure). Depending on their composition, lubricating pastes are resistant to water, vapour or other media while additionally providing corrosion protection.

Lubricating and assembly pastes for normal temperatures if media resistance or emergency lubricating properties are required of greases in addition to high wear protection and load-carrying capacity, Using a paste is a good option. Pastes are also often used for the start-up and running-in lubrication of chucks, machine guide rails, positive and power-locking connections.

Lubricating and assembly pastes for high temperatures:

If resistant lubricating films are required to reach temperatures of up to 1200oC (2192oF), pastes are the preferred choice. Their liquid constituents evaporate at 200 oC (392 oF) and at even higher temperatures ensure that dry lubrication maintains the functionality and eases dismantling later.

Screw pastes allow the assembly of screw connections with defined preloads and make it easier to loosen screw connections even after running at extreme temperatures.