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Fire Blanket

  • Made out of aluminized fiberglass/ asbestos material
  • Blanket is stitched with Kevlar thread
  • Leather loops & eyelets are provided for easy hanging purpose
  • Regular size: 2mtr x 1mtr, 2mtr x 2mtr, 1mtr x 1mtr
  • We can customize the size of blanket as per client requirements

Fire blanket Wall Mounted

  • Fire Blanket Compact, Wall Mounted,
  • Easy to Use
  • Made of Asbestos Free Material
  • Size : 1.2mtr X 1.8mtr
  • Thickness : 0.43
  • Fiber Glass Material


Made From Ceramic Fibers Vermiculate Coated Thickness: 3 MM, With SS Strands With Eye Lets At All Corners, Sides Stitched With FR Cloth

Fire Blankets – Burn

Burn Free Blankets Provide Immediate Physical, Smoke and Heat shielding protection from fire and meet or exceed requirements for a fire blanket when used for rescue and escape. BurnFree Blankets can also be used as a body wrap to extinguish the fire, cool and moisten the burn, and soothe the pain while preventing further contamination of the burn site. Available in three easily accessible sizes: 36”x30” (91 x 60 cm.), 6’x5’ (183 x 152 cm.) and 8’x5’ (244 x 152 cm.).

The BurnFree Blankets are packed in soft-sided bags with carrying straps. This design facilitates a variety of ways to store the product before use, eliminating the need for umbersome and expensive brackets and heavy carrying cases. Blankets are also available in canisters for special applications.

The BurnFree 6’ x 5’ (183 x152 cm.) Blanket is the standard military issue in the U.S. and throughout the world.

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