Face Shield

Saviour Face Shield Ratchet type

Saviour Face Shield With Poly Carbonate Visor and Ratchet type adjustable Head-Band and Earmuffs. Compliance: CE Marked Brow guard, Visor and Earmuffs. Approval: As per EN-166 / IS 6229:1988 of NPL

Saviour Welding Face Shield for Tough Hat

Saviour Welding Face Shield for Saviour Tought Hat is made of PP with one plain glass and one 9 DIN shade glass with slot for fixing to Helmet (without Helmet) Certification: Manufacturer's Test Certificate.

Saviour Face Shield with Ratchet

Saviour EN Face Shield made of 1mm thick Polycarbonate Visor with Ratchet Band made from ABS and provided with Brow Guard. Size: 8” x 14”. Approval: EN 166:2001

Saviour Face Shield with Top Brow Guard

Saviour Face Shield consisting of optically Clear Acrylic Visor attached to tough polymer brow guard with polymer rivets. Unique floating ratchet head band suspension for easy head adjustment, supplied with high absorption cushioned sweatband. Size 9” X 12”.

Face Shield with Wire Mesh

These provide ventilation as well as impact protection from high speed particles. The two type of ear and face protection to our clients:

  • Face shield with wire mesh.
  • Helmet with mesh visor for forest workers.

Face Shield (With Side Guard)

  • Face Guard Made From Clear Acrylic Visor
  • Thick Visor to Resist Maximum Impact
  • High Absorption Cushion Backed
  • Unique Multi Adjustment Ratchet Head Band

Face Guard (Shield)(Best Use With Helmets)

  • Face Shield Visor
  • Polycarbonate Materiel
  • Blue Eagle
  • Approved ANSI Z 87
  • Size 8” x 15.5” x 1mm (thick)