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Our product range includes a wide range of Body Protection Equipments such as PVC Front Apron, Leather Front Apron and many more items.

Industrial Boiler Type ( Dangri ) Suit
Made of Cotton Drill Cloth
Full  Sleeves / Half Sleeves
With Zip / Button / Or Velcro
3 Pockets (As Per Your Requirements)
Size : Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large
Comfortable fit suitable for Automobile Industries, Maintenance Area, Workshop, Garages ,   
Clothing As Per Approved / Selected  Sample
(Color : Any Standard Color )

Shirt ( Lab ) Apron
Made From Cotton Drill / Cotton – Polyester Cloth
Half Sleeves / Full Sleeves
Contain 3 Pockets
Size : Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large
Suitable in
Laboratory , Shop Floor, 
Clothing As Per Approved / Selected  Sample
(Color : Any Standard Color )

Office Staff Uniform
Shirt & Pant
Shirt : Half / Full Sleeves
One Pockets with Button 
Clothing As Per Approved Sample
Pant :
 One Pockets , Zip , Button 
Clothing As Per Approved / Selected  Sample

Industrial Uniform
Shirt & Paint
Made From Cotton Drill / Cotton – Polyester / Cloth
 Full / Half Sleeves 
2 – 3 Pockets ( Shirt & Pant )
Button & Zip
Clothing As Per Approved / Selected  Sample
( Color : Any Standard Color )

T – Shirt
Half Sleeves
Collar T – Shirt
Good Quality Hosiery Cloth
One Pockets

Front Apron ( Without Sleeves )
Made From Cotton Drill / Cotton – Polyester Cloth
 Size : 24 “ X 36” / 24” X 48” ( As Per Requirements )
With Lace For Comfort Fitting
Clothing As Per Approved / Selected  Sample
( Color : Any Standard Color )


Paint Apron ( Suit )
Boiler Type / Shirt Pant Type
Made From Polyester Cloth
Lint Free Cloth 
Anti Static Property
Inside Pockets
Light Weight

Reflective Jackets
Made From Polyester Yarn Cloth
Also Available  In Net Clothing
With Out / With Sleeves
1” , 2”, 3” Reflective Tape  For the Easy Visibility At Night  
 Comfortable for the Work to be done in Night or at Road / Civil Construction Area 
Color ; Orange , Green , Yellow 

PVC Full  Suit
Specification :
PVC Chemical Splash Made From Soft & Durable PVC Material,  Used while Peeling, Cracking And Tearing Also Acid & Alkali Resistant Hood With Visor Air Breather At Back With Flap, Complete Suit High Frequency Welded With Strong Vinyl Unbreakable, Rust Proof Welded Button Holes.
Advantages :
Specially Dotting At Every Weak Point.
Waist With Elastic Makes It Universal Wear
Resistant to Tears, Abrasion and Harsh Environment.
Most Garments Are High – Visibility Yellow

PVC  Front Apron
Specification :                    
PVC Apron Made From PVC With Heat Sealed And Reinforced Edges With PVC Back Belt Size 24 “ X 48 ‘
Advantages :
Quick Fit Back With Tying Strings
These Aprons Resists Acids, Caustics And Chemicals, Water Oils, Grease And Gasoline, Light Weight.

PVC  Front Apron With Sleeves
Specification :                    
PVC Apron Made From PVC With Heat Sealed And Reinforced Edges With Full Length Sleeves These Aprons Feature Tie – Type Neck And Waist Straps.
Advantages :
Quick Fit Back With Tying Strings
Bounded Collar Resists Sagging
These Aprons Resists Acids, Caustics And Chemicals, Water Oils, Grease And Gasoline, Light Weight.

Aluminised Suit

Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit ( 2 Layer Suit )

Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit Is Made From Aluminized Glass Fiber Cloth With Vapor / Heat Resistant Lining, Stitched With “Kevlar” Thread And Consists Of Hood, Visor And Helmet Cover With or Without B.A. Set Pouch. Shoes With Oil And Heat Resistant Sole And Gloves With Insulation.

Suitable For Proximity Fire Industrial Radiant Heat Up-To 1500 Degree C.

The Aluminized Fabric is Tested To Bs -3119, BS – 3120, BS – 5438 And Federal Standard 191 / 59032

Chemical Suit
The 4505 is made from a thick, robust 67gsm polyethylene laminate material comprising a soft, base layer of spun bond fibres with a high quality polyethylene laminate film making it highly suitable for low-hazard wet applications

Key Features :
+ Light duty non-hazardous liquid protection
+ Thick, laminated material for extra robustness
+ Repels water and some non-hazardous oils
+ Elasticated hood, cuff s, ankles and waist
+ 2-way zip with storm flap

Typical Applications:
Popular Choice
+ Light duty cleaning
+ Warehousing
+ Janitorial
+ Domestic DIY
+ Water-based applications


Saviour PVC Chemical Splash suit Saviour Aluminised two layered Fire Proximity Suit is designed as a one piece suit which can accommodate Breathing Apparatus in its rear portion. The first or the outer layer is made up of Aluminized glass fiber cloth while second and inner most layer is made up of cotton canvas completely stitched with


Florissant Jacket

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