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About Us

Mayuresh- An ISO Certified Private Ltd company dealing in the distribution of Industrial Safety Items, Personal Protective Equipments, Specialty Lubricants, Corrosion Preventive Solutions, Packing material, Packaging Equipments, Abrasive & Traffic Safety products. From last 15-20 yrs we are working as an Authorized distributor of all these Products. As a Distributor as well as a manufacturer we are dedicated towards the supply of the best quality Products in the most competative offer rates. Our qualitative & branded products are well accepted in the Market.

Customer's Satisfaction & appraisal is the only thing we want to achieve Our only view is to reach the safety everywhere & to get it availble anywhere ie, Safety any where, everywhere we are a leading company in safety & industrial engineering solutions established a name in the field of Safety and Industrial support carry an excellent track record offering multiple solutions and services with a wide range of products. Having strong presence in Maharashtra for a decade, we provide instant support on making available any and every safety related material & engineering solutions besides training and after sales, to strengthen the base of our customer relations.

We hold vast infrastructure consisting of massive stock holdings, sound qualified technical team, ability to serve at a short notice, adequate after sales service back up, imparting of desired training and cost effective solutions, besides compliance of latest international safety norms and certifications which stand to our credit.

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